Changes to the ICC Test Championship Table

I was interested to note an article that I read before the Australia versus Bangladesh Test series that referred to the possible changes to the ICC Test Championship Table. It referred to the impact of all combinations of results and also the series margin that England needed to beat South Africa by, to climb ahead of New Zealand.

This was all news to me, because, as far as I was aware, the table was calculated on series results – win (2 points), lose (1 point) or draw (0 points). It had often been criticised that the margin was not relevant.

I wrote a piece a while back explaining the way the table worked and that it was actually quite simple – probably overly simple.

This has now been addressed by the ICC. I’m not going to outline how it works because it is far more complicated now – but as a result, it is almost certainly more indicative of the true standings.

If you want to look for yourselves, I have provided the web site below.

I have listed the reasons and broad objectives of the changes from that web site:
1) Includes all Test results – the model to take account of the result of every Test match played, whether a one-off fixture or part of a longer series
2) Includes series results – in addition to 1) above, the model to take account of all series results, where a series comprises two or more Tests
3) Takes no account of venue – there is to be no rating difference between home and away results
4) Takes no account of margin of victory – the model to note only whether an individual Test is won, drawn, tied or lost
5) Reflects current form – the model to place a greater weighting on more recent results
6) Reflects strength of opposition – the model to reflect the strength of each opponent
7) Fully disclosed formula – the formula used in the model to be publicly available, allowing an outsider to update or verify changes to the published ratings
Current Table

Australia 129
South Africa 119
New Zealand 106
England 101
India 94
Sri Lanka 91
Pakistan 90
West Indies 83
Zimbabwe 58
Bangladesh 2

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