Five for Fabulous Freddie Flintoff

England has won at Lord’s for the first time since 1934. The 1934 Australian team had Bradman so I guess Ponting should not feel too bad. On that occasion, England batted first, scored 440 and beat Australia by an innings.

I won’t bang on about the match just finished because so many others have already done that. I’ll just take hold of one small aspect.

Freddie Flintoff. Well, perhaps that should have been one large part. What a big unit that guy is. He is immense in all ways and I mean all. Most importantly, he has a big heart. Even Warnie was impressed with the sustained, hostile pace and accuracy of Flintoff’s bowling. If his knee can hold out, England stands a big chance of winning back the Ashes.

Fittingly, Freddie Flintoff became just the sixth player to get his name on the honours boards for both batting and bowling. For those of you who don’t know, the honours boards are kept at Lord’s and if you are good enough to take 5 wickets in an innings or score 100 runs in an innings of a Test match, your name is recorded on the honours board. There are four of them. One for batting and one for bowling in each of the home and visitors rooms.

The other five to do the double are: Beefy Botham, Ray Illingworth, Gubby Allen, Keith Miller and Vinoo Mankad. Miller and Mankad are the only visitors and Botham and Mankad are the only two to do it in the same match.

We all, including Flintoff, get a rest until Thursday next week.

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