Those Brave Sri Lankans

In a recent article, I gave the Sri Lankans a bravery award for touring Pakistan. Most of you would have realised that the comment had facetious (but not nasty) overtones. I certainly would not have made it if I’d have known the future. All accounts indicate that the Sri Lankans were indeed calm and brave under fire. It’s all rather horrifying. If we can be objective, it is no more horrifying than any other act of terrorism. However, for whatever reasons, it seems worse when not only people are being destroyed, but our sacred game.

I read Kumar Sangakkara’s interview and he quite openly admitted being naive in thinking that terrorist would not attack sport. How wrong we all were.

At any rate, cricket in Pakistan is stuffed. Australia has not toured to play Tests in over ten years. And that was on the basis of possible threats. Now there is concrete evidence, I suggest it will be decades before a team tours Pakistan.

Cricket around the world continues despite this sad state of affairs in Pakistan. Australia has injury worries but it is reported that Hilfie and Siddle will play. I can’t believe that the selectors will waste a place with McDonald again, but word is that there is rain around Durban and seamers may be preferred. McDonald’s bowling was useful and very tight but I can’t see that he justified his place in the team with bat or ball. I’d prefer Geeves to McDonald if a spinner is not selected. Mitch at number 8 and Geeves at 9 (he has made two scores of 99 not out this season). The match starts tonight.

England has one last chance to level the series with the West Indies. That match also starts tonight.

India and New Zealand continue to play One Day matches in New Zealand.

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