Are you Australia in disguise?

“Are you Australia in disguise?” came the chant from the crowd.  That’s what I am reliably informed.  Apparently this was not a reference to England  playing like the Australia of old but rather, that India is playing like the current Australian team.  I suppose when you have been beaten senseless for over 15 years, it doesn’t take long on the top of the pile (5 minutes) to want to start enjoying it.

At any rate, England certainly are playing like world beaters.  And as most of you know, unless India wins a Test in this series (unlikely) and England does not win another test (also unlikely), England will have rocketed to the number one position on the ICC Test table.  In other words, England are tentatively there right now.  MBEs all round.

I say “with a rocket” because before the recent Ashes series against Australia, England was ranked 5th.  It does not seem like much Test cricket has been played since then but for England, the hits have kept on rolling.

And any way you look at it, England is impressive.  The entire side is contributing.  Seven of there players have made half centuries in just two Tests, three turning those into triple figures.  And the opening combination, one of England’s best assets recent years, has barely woken up as yet.  Three of the bowlers have taken five wicket hauls, and two of those have made impressive fifties.  Swann is the only bowler not to have done much and I don’t think we can challenge is status as a top notch bowler – it’s only a matter of time.  And did I mention depth?  One of the strike bowlers breaks down but never mind, Bresnan can come in and make 90 and take “5 for”.

England looked in deep trouble twice in this match – but won by a landslide.  At 8/124, it has to be said things looked grim.  And in India’s reply, they were 45 runs in front with six wickets in hand.  Somehow England managed to set India 478 to win and wipe them of the park.  All this, not to mention the most unusual run out, which also featured the longest period of deliberation before a reversal, in just four days!  Next thing you know, someone will be suggesting that all Tests should be four days.

On the run out, what a sensation.  It must have been a near death experience for Bell – he was dead for nearly 20 minutes – I wonder if he saw a strange, white light – only to be told he could bat on.  Anyway, credit to Dhoni.  I bagged him after last Test but he deserves praise for showing some humility and sanity on a trying day.   Let’s face it, while we are speaking of illusions to Australia, some sportsmen find it hard to act with dignity when they are being thrashed.

5 thoughts on “Are you Australia in disguise?

  1. jimmy is popular around here although he looks a little “lost” or “grey’s anatomy” for a pom 🙂

    i’m still quite partial to matty prior and i’m in awe of tremlett and bresnan’s statures. seems the poms starting breeding them big once they got past all that post-war rationing. isn’t that right ciaron?

    but somewhat predictably and stereotypically, broad is a big hit amongst the teens here. (just don’t mention any of this to KP who will be appalled to not find his name in the top five….)

  2. andrewg, Sachin has been written off before and has come back but there comes a point where there isn’t just one more big one. I don’t write off India but I think there come back was the beginning of this Test.

    So, who’s the your pick out of the lads? Who is your man crush? My eldest daughter fancies Jimmy but I think he’s a ladies’ man.

  3. I was lapping up the last day’s highlights on the telly last night when my wife echoed the thoughts of cricket lovers the world over….

    “they’re a good looking bunch of fellas”

    onwards and upwards england, good looking players mean i’m more likely to get to watch the cricket!

    and my god, they can play a little. tremlett to return? how?!! anyway, let’s see how the indians regroup. i think sachin may yet have a double ton in him…..

  4. Sam, Warne is an belligerent Aussie and that’s what I would expect from him. It’s easy to say Bell was in the wrong, because he was careless, and I guess it is true. But I saw it as being a bit like appealing for handled ball. Good for a laugh but not for real. I think Dhoni did the right thing. That aside, it made little difference to the result and everybody would have been crying “spoiled sports”. So it was probably politically expedient. Not that I can judge his motives.

    You guys should enjoy your time in top for every minute that you can – who knows how long it will last. Perhaps a long time but it will come to an end eventually.

  5. Our batting depth at the moment is incredible -apart from Anderson every player in the side is capable of making a 50. What did you make of the Bell run-out incident? Both Shane Warne and Michael Vaughan said they wouldn’t have changed their decisions if they had been captain and thought the blame laid with Bell.

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