Bowling on Egg Shells

Before we get to the main event, I am happy to announce that we have a winner in the “Nearest to Off Stump Competition”.  Last night, when on 92, Michael Clarke had a delivery actually graze the off stump but not dislodge the bails.  You might point out that technically, the entry does not count, as Clarke at least had the sense to play at the ball.  However, it’s Michael Clarke, and he can do no wrong, so he wins.  Besides, perhaps Hussey will now stop trying to win the blessed event and start playing at those balls on off stump.

Nor surprisingly, the third Test ended in a rather anti-climactic draw.  Although, it would have been interesting to have another day of play.  In the end, honours were even, I would say.  One thing is certain: If conditions are conducive to swing, England is far better than Australia.  If not, Australia is probably just in front.  It is also certain that Australia will not win a match this Ashes with the current four bowlers.  No way.

With no warm up matches, the selectors need to re-think the personnel.  England had just one innings in this match and those indecisive selectors will not have been helped.  Johnson bowled better, but nowhere his best.  Siddle was ordinary, as was Hauritz.  If the selectors thought Watson was going to boost the attack, they were sadly mistaken.

I watched and watched until Watson was finally called upon.  Last time I saw him bowl, which was in India, he impressed.  He was aggressive, hit the deck hard and was bowling at about 145 km/h.  On Sunday, he was utterly pathetic.  He looked like someone running up on egg shells, trying silently to lob a hand grenade into the enemy trenches. He bowled at 130 km/h.  Either he is not fully fit, or he is scared of getting injured.  Either way, unless he can do a lot better than that, the selectors can forget about calling him an all rounder.  Watson was smashed for three overs and that was a turning point in the England innings, as Flintoff and Prior settled in.

I’m dying of anxiety waiting to see if the selectors are stupid enough to rush Brett Lee back in. Or smart enough to make a place for Stuart Clark before he gets bored and goes to sleep.  Clark simply must be a better option than Siddle or Hauritz.  Neither have been bad, but we need a match winner.  To bowl Brett Lee, with no warm up match at all is simply not worth the risk.

9 thoughts on “Bowling on Egg Shells

    • squaw – I write these articles with the benefit of hindsight, not foresight. Watson has become to Australian cricket as Jim Courier was to Tennis. He is only king because there are no decent princes.

  1. Watson, Watson, Watson. If he plays the 5th Test, I’ll eat my hat. It is statistically impossible for him to play three successive Tests in his life. Yeah, OK, I think he actually played 5 in a row around the Indian away series, but I don’t think he can do it again. Unless, of course, he can manage as a specialist batsman.

  2. watson being interviewed? well let’s see….katich? no-one in the australian team will let him be interviewed (or bowl for that matter); ponting? always interviewed and trying to keep his sponsorship dollars flowing by pretending that the Pommie fans don’t give him the sh1ts; hussey? well, he’s just too embarrassing right now; clarke? too busy shacking up with ms bingle and who can blame him really? north? i’m not even sure that guy can talk. haddin? not many interviews as he’s proof that you can take the boy out of gundagai but you can’t take… johnson? don’t even go there, although his mother called for you. siddle? too busy doing fashion shoots and interviews (what IS with that necklace thing peter?) hauritz? too likely to cry at any time and they’re saving that for joint interview with ponting when australia lose the ashes. hilfenhaus? banned by team management from making interviews as johnson is the premier bowler in the team thank you very much. so that leaves watson, apart from the tourists and manou (who has an unpronounceable surname for home station anchors). so watson it is, and well, with the way the guy bats….we want more of him. watson all the way i say 🙂

  3. now I read that Watson has been counselling Hughes on how to deal with being out of the XI, and Hughes is apparently lapping it up. Watson surely is about to strain his tongue…

  4. can someone suggest why Watson was giving an interview yesterday and commenting on Binga’s chances of playing. Someone desperate for an interview? Someone desperate to be interviewed? Or both?

  5. Too true Rhyse. But notice also that Brett Lee has been heavily into self promotion. It is he jumping up and down saying “I’m fit, I’m fit”. And it is not surprising that AB agrees shares my view – he also shares my birthday.

  6. Brett Lee passing a medical simply means he is fit enough to play without risking further injury to himself-but does not by any interpretation mean that he has recovered enough to play full form. So those goons over at CA should stop with the publicity he is “fit.”

    Dongles-it appears Allen Border shares your view on Brett Lee

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