Bugger the Garden – Gone Fishing

A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. I have two signs in my garden. One is “Bugger the Garden – Gone Fishing” and the other is “Bugger the Garden – Gone to the Cricket”. I suppose you could combine the two and say “Bugger the Cricket – Gone Fishing” and that is exactly what Andrew Symonds did in Darwin. Or was it? There are few things I love more than cricket but fishing is one of them, so it won’t surprise you to know I’m with Roy on this one but I’m on Roy’s side for good reason.

Andrew Symonds has been sent home from the Darwin tour for missing a team meeting. Please know this: From what I have read, Symonds did not knowingly miss the meeting. A Cricinfo article states, “When a compulsory team meeting was called later that morning, Symonds did not know about it as he was already wetting a line.” (http://content-aus.cricinfo.com/ausvbdesh/content/current/story/366892.html ) How is someone supposed to go to a meeting if they did not know it was on? To then punish someone, send them home in disgrace even, seems outrageous. I don’t blame Roy for reconsidering his position with Australian cricket.

In the same article, Tim Nielsen is quote as saying, “He wasn’t organised enough to understand what his commitments to the group were that day and therefore he missed it.” Organised? Understand? What is there to be organised about or understand? It’s a simple matter of knowing whether or not an event is on. Why was team management so disorganised that it called a meeting on the day of the meeting? Are players supposed to sit in their rooms all day, everyday in case a meeting is called? I can’t believe it but I’m with Warnie for once. The Australian team manager is a baseball pitching Yankee who is spouting forth more drivel than his predecessor.

For those of you who don’t know, Darwin is a fishing Mecca. You only need one word and that is “Barramundi”. But there is fingermark, queenfish, mangrove jack, black jewfish, saratoga, GT, mackerel, longtail tuna and dozens of other species to temp even the part time angler. For crying out loud, Symonds missed a meeting because he was doing something else worthwhile when the meeting was announced and held. It’s not like he partied until three the night of the match, came home at dawn and failed a breathalyser test before boarding the bus to go the match. If that had happened, and it has before, “off with his head” I say. But this sounds like a storm in a teacup. Petty administration run amok.

There is talk about how much Symonds earns and his responsibilities because of that. Isn’t all of that assuming that he deliberately neglected his responsibilities and wagged the meeting? If this is about match preparation, it is obvious that we are all different and that Symonds is an extremely gifted player and he might be better off having a fish than being bored to tears in a stuffy meeting room or in the nets (he opted to miss the OPTIONAL afternoon net session). Doug Walters famously warmed up by throwing a couple of darts.

I guess we could read between the lines that something is not well with Symonds and the administrators and leadership, but if that is the case, why don’t they just come out and say it? Silly question, I know. What I’d really like to know is if Roy caught anything? Then I could decide if it was worth it.

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