I guess you may all be bored with the amount of media coverage of the Katich affair.  But what is the point of having you own blogg if you are not going to use it?  I have just read that the Federal Minister for Defence (Steve Smith, who does have a good, solid cricketing name) has given the selectors a good panning so I might as well have a lash.

So I am going to say that the move to drop Katich from the contracted players list (and effectively from the Australian team) is a disgrace.  An utter disgrace.  Stats speak for themselves – Katich’s numbers over the past few years are better than some others in the team, who are actually older than Katich, and who are still on lucrative contracts.  So as usual, Hilditch spouts forth explanations as if they make prefect sense, when in fact, they are illogical and inconsistent.

And what really rankles is the nonsense that the selectors are looking to 2013.  What a joke – the team is in tatters at the moment.  Right now.  And the selectors are dispensing with a player with ability, maturity, spirit and character that the new captain most certainly needs.   While it is true that Katich was on the injured list the last time Australia was actively engaged in Test cricket, he made a successful comeback to Shield cricket at the end of the summer and his replacement (Hughes) did absolutely nothing to demand retention.  Katich would have reasonably expected a recall.

The icing on the cake is that we have a clown whose own future is in the balance – Hilditch’s position is under review (his contract is currently expired) and an enquiry is being held about his performance.  If there is any justice and common sense, he will be dismissed in the very near future.  And yet he is being given the authority to make important decisions affecting the fate of Australian cricket and cricketers.  It is ludicrous and CA should have handled that much better.

Good bless Katich for his stinging words last Friday.  They were harsh but fair and well considered.  Exactly what you would expect from Katich.  And I’m afraid Katich got exactly what we have come to expect from the Australian selectors.