Cricket’s blackest day

It is official. Bob Woolmer was murdered. I feel sick. Jamaican police have announced that there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that Woolmer was strangled. What will the ICC do now? Will they call the World Cup off? They should.

Of course, that is assuming the murder was connected to what the all the rumours suggest – match fixing. Let’s assume for a moment that Woolmer didn’t interrupt a local drug addict stealing his wallet. Anyone with a spot of common sense can believe that this is the foulest of foul play.

We thought that it was bad when Warnie and Junior accepted a few grand for providing pitch reports.

We thought the Hansie Cronje affair was even worse but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Cricket plunged into the depths as the ensuing inquiry in 2000 revealed that match fixing was rife and widely spread. It touched the highest ranked players across many countries: Included in those found guilty were Salim Malik, Wasim Akram, Hershelle Gibbs, Mohammad Azhaurddin, Ajay Jadeja and Manoj Prabhakar.

But this is worse. Within 24 hours of Pakistan being on the end of one of the biggest upsets in cricket history, their coach was murdered. Why? Was it, as is rumoured, because he was about to blow the whistle? Was it because the Pakis weren’t actually supposed to lose that match? Did they throw the wrong match and the bookies were angry? How does Greg Chappell feel? Nervous?

I’ve rather lost interest in the cricket. What do any of the results mean? What can be done? To start with, the ICC should be suspending Pakistan from all forms of cricket until everything is cleared up. Not that that is going to happen. I doubt that we will ever get to the bottom of all the goings on surrounding betting on cricket and match fixing.


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