Criki Leaks

On the eve of the Test series between South African and Australia, starting in Brisbane tomorrow, South Africa has been given a psychological advantage.  Due to the leaking of a memo on how the Aussies plan to beat them, they can brace themselves.  Or is this a case of reverse psychology?

In this day and age, leaked documents are all part of the fun and games of any campaign, especially in politics.  It is common practice for documents to be deliberately leaked, even by the party who wrote them, for many reasons.  My bet is that CA has leaked this to spice things up a bit.  Let’s face it, the season has been pretty predicable so far.  All the usual things have happened.  Cummins has been ruled out for the season, Watson has been injured before the series started, most of the players are underprepared due to playing too much T20 and players who should be talking with their bats, have used their mouths too much.

Or did Mickey Arthur leak the document?  Does the memo contain exactly the opposite of the Australian teams tactical ideas?  Or did some journalist make it up?  At the end of the day, leaked documents have to be taken with a grain of salt.  Although this one is contentious if there is an intent to verbally target a batsman (Amla).  If that is really so, especially after Ricky Ponting said that there was no preconceived plans to sledge (what else would he say?), the team management could be held in breach of the code of conduct.

Personally, I don’t care too much about the leaked document but I am very much looking forward to the match and the series.  We have been on a starvation diet of Test cricket and this promises to be a worthy encounter.

One thought on “Criki Leaks

  1. nice title indeed sir and thanks for the news. i didn’t hear that news and it does indeed spice things up. looking forward to hearing the pips as the opening bowler runs in tomorrow.

    the weather forecast is for a bit of rain throughout which may well spice up the pitch and will also add to the psychological battle.

    i do have a feeling though that the south africans may just get a little too excited. we may not see the best of their quicks until perth. we shall see.

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