Dilshan Dishes out a Drubbing

Yesterday, in the World Cup’s latest mismatch, Tillakaratne Dilshan beat Zimbabwe all by himself. Almost.

Dilshan scored 144 in an opening partnership of 282 and then took 4 for 4 (it doesn’t matter whether you are English or Australian, either way, that is four wickets for four runs) to finish off the game.

It really was a match for the openers.  The Sri Lankan openers contributed 277 in a score of 327 (84.7%).  Nobody else reached 20.  Granted that they didn’t have much time because the greedy openers hogged all the action, but four of them did have time to be dismissed cheaply.  The Zimmer openers made 135 out of a dismal 188 (71.8%). Nobody else made it to 20, despite having ample opportunity and a good springboard.

That’s all I have to say about that. It is hard indeed to draw threads of interest out of the endless, meaningless succession of matches.  Let’s hope that the West Indies and Ireland can offer a closer competition.  Or perhaps England can under perform enough to make the match with Bangladesh a contest.  I’m tipping at least one good match tonight.

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