Enough to Make Warnie Proud

Today, Michael Clarke following in the footsteps of his great friend Warnie, shone on the cricket field, in the face of great personal crisis.  Clarke seemed to have forgotten how to score runs early in the innings but late in the day, the runs flowed as he ended the day on exact on hundred big ones.

Earlier in the week, Clarke told the press that Warne had been a great support to him and that they are very close.  Apparently, Shane was very excited when Pup rejoined the tour of New Zealand.  All this was news to me but it makes sense.  Clarke is a cricket super star (though not in Warnie’s league) and he is also enjoying the riches and public life the come with it.  And with Warnie as his mentor, perhaps it is no surprise that he is experiencing relationship failure.

It was an interesting day of Test cricket.  New Zealand had Australia in trouble but North trumped Hughes – the stakes are a place in the second Test, if and when Watson returns.

Play on day 2 starts shortly.  Will Clarke get off the mark on Day 2?  Will New Zealand take a few quick wickets and get back into the match?  Will I get a chance to see or hear any of the match?  How much will the Vics win the Sheffield Shield by?  Can Rajasthan take a trick?

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