How Far Short of 2000 are we?

It has been brought to my attention that the ICC XI “Test” match may not be the only match not worthy of Test status.  I’m curious as to how many we can knock off!  I suspect that India and England won’t actually be playing the 2000th Test match in this series.

I’ll list a few examples and you are welcome to add some (via way of commenting on the dongles site) and we can come up with a final deduction and notify the ICC.  Let’s say that the ICC World XI deduction makes it 1999.

In 1882/83, a fourth Test was added during the tour, by popular demand.   Australia won the match and squared the series but did not keep the Ashes because England said they had won the scheduled series 2-1.  Therefore, I move that this “Test” not be counted. 1998

The first “Test” between Australia and New Zealand was in 1945-46 and New Zealand set some lovely records in that match.  That match was originally just an Australian XI versus a New Zealand XI and was not ratified as a Test match until decades later.  So let’s not count that.  1997

Australia played 24 Tests during WSC with a 3rd rate team.  1973.  But should we add in any WSC Super Tests?  I think I’ll leave that alone or the ghosts of The Don and Tiger may come back and haunt me.  Perhaps WSC was one thing that Bradman and O’Reilly agreed on.

Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have played eight times….  1965

Bangladesh played the West Indies in 2009 during the Windies players strike over sponsorship.  1963

So let’s see if we can come up with a more accurate number and the real 2000th Test can be played in a few years time.  Probably quite a few years given the amount of T20 and ODI cricket that needs to be played.  Naturally, this number needs to be manipulated so that India is scheduled to play the 2000th Test, whenever it is.

Postscript: In case you are wondering, the “3rd Test” of the 1970-71 Ashes series was washed out without a ball being bowled.  It is numbered  675a (the Tests either side are 675 and 676) so I assume is not counted.

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