It’s a miracle

No. Make that two miracles.

1. Australia defeats New Zealand by 96 runs (9/208 v 112). Australia, having slumped to 7/84 seemed unlikely to make 96, let alone prevail by that margin. Small miracle.

2. Kenya makes the semi-finals. Big miracle. I saw the highlights this morning and some of those guys can play. They thrashed Zimbabwe. The sequence of events that has transpired to allow Kenya through to the Semi finals, having beaten just one of the first 8 Test playing nations, is nothing short of freakish. Congratulations to Kenya – they have won a couple of matches – and have achieved more than they could have hoped. The design of a tournament which allows a team through to the semi-finals without earning it is not Kenya’s responsibility!

Australia to play New Zealand or Sri Lanka in the semi-final (on THAT pitch again). If New Zealand defeats India (tomorrow), they are through. Otherwise they will be relying on Zimbabwe to beat Sri Lanka (on Saturday), which isn’t really a possibility.

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