It’s all happening!

When I checked the weather report this morning, I dismissed all possibility of any play in the second Test today.

I was most surprised when, after a busy day, I decided to check on progress between England and Sri Lanka, to find the headline “India flourish before the rain”.

I have included the Cricinfo transcript of the last eight balls before lunch, and the rain (I hope I’m not doing anything illegal). In those frenetic eight balls, Australia lost 3 wickets for seven runs. And what theatre it was.

Langer went lbw for a splendid 121 and Steve Waugh saw out the over.

Next over to Martyn saw a four from ball 2 and then ball three saw Martyn run out in a mix up, on Steve Waugh’s call, going for a third run, from a no-ball. But it gets better. Two balls later, Steve Waugh trod on his stumps and was on his way for a gozza, hit wicket. 5/275 and match is in the balance, although a draw must be the most likely outcome, given the weather.

It should be noted that Steve Waugh has now almost collected the full set of dismissals available. I believe the only mode he hasn’t succumbed to is obstructing play! So along with all of the other records, I think he can count “most ways dismissed”. I don’t think any other batsmen has fallen handled ball and hit wicket (along with the obvious caught, lbw, bowled, stumped and run

CricInfo Transcript, Day 2, 1st Test Aust v India, 5 Dec 2003

66.4 Agarkar to Langer, OUT: tries to drive at a good ball and is struck
on the pads, may have clipped leg stump and the umpire slowly
raises the finger

Australia 268/3, Partnership of 106
JL Langer lbw b Agarkar 121 (194b 17×4 0x6)
DR Martyn 36* (76b 4×4) AB Agarkar 19.4-3-79-1 (2w)

Steve Waugh comes out to a standing ovation for what may well be
his last bat for Australia at the Brisbane Cricket Ground

66.5 Agarkar to Waugh, no run, ducks under a short one

66.6 Agarkar to Waugh, no run, drives to mid on

End of over 67 (4 runs) Australia 268/3
AB Agarkar 20-3-79-1 (2w) – Vulture Street End
DR Martyn 36* (76b 4×4) SR Waugh 0* (2b)

67.1 Khan to Martyn, no run, drives back to the bowler

67.2 Khan to Martyn, FOUR, short ball and on to the back foot and cut
out to point

67.3 Khan to Martyn, (noball) two runs, RUN OUT, hammered out throught
he covers, Martyn happy with two runs but Waugh is sure there is
three and comes back, the return fom Harbhajan to Patel is then
relayed to Ganguly at the bowlers end and Martyn is no where

Australia 275/4, Partnership of 7
DR Martyn run out (Patel) 42 (79b 5×4 0x6)

67.3 Khan to Waugh, no run, fends off a good ball to the leg side

67.4 Khan to Waugh, OUT: good ball and batsman goes back and gloves it
down leg side just out of reach of the diving Patel, fielding side
suddenly in jubilation as they realise Waugh has clipped the off
stump with his back foot

Australia 275/5, Partnership of 0
SR Waugh hit wicket b Khan 0 (4b 0x4 0x6)
SM Katich 0* (0b) Z Khan 17.4-2-61-3 (9nb)

lunch is now to be taken

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