John Howard for President

John Howard is to be made president.  How strange.  To a leader who was a conservative and a royalist, the term “president” would seem to be anathema.  However, this is not the case for the former Prime Minister of Australia when it comes to the ICC.

John Howard has been nominated by the Australian and New Zealand cricket boards to become ICC Vice President.  This follows a long stand-off between Australia and New Zealand while they debated the relative merits of their own candidates.  For the record, New Zealand preferred Sir John Anderson, their former chief.  So did Roebuck, but who cares – just because Anderson has experience in cricket administration.

With the way the ICC works, in 2012, Howard, who will be 72 years old will become something he would never have believed:  The President.

5 thoughts on “John Howard for President

  1. well, i wasn’t saying exactly that little johnnie ™ is a racist but more that he does tend to have trouble relating to anyone other than anglo-saxons. to this end, i think we will see a dichotomy of eng/au/nz versus the rest developing. and that won’t be representative of the positive force for global stability (nee peace) that cricket could be.

  2. Reading between the lines, you are saying that Johnny Howard is a racist (and you are illuding to the “Child Overboard” episode) and that is not going to be good for the hysterical racial melting pot that international cricket has become. Perhaps he won’t be so hard on “aliens’ when there are not votes to be bought by protecting the home borders.

  3. nice call btw ajebec; very nice.

    i was of the opinion that it might not be such a bad thing until i heard little johnnie ™ interviewed this morning about it. the scary thing is that individuals such as he are likely to propagate the web of lies and cover-ups that we’ve seen in cricket administration since, well, forever it seems. and, to be serious for a moment, that is not a good thing. cricket occupies a unique geo-political role; it brings together countries of very different perspectives (perhaps even more so than football which is not a particularly big thing in pakistan, india, sri lanka). having little johnnie ™ in charge of cricket’s governing body is, as ajebec put it so well, a little disconcerting. if only paul keating was a cricket fan…

  4. haha, ajebec. Some nice gags there. Personally, I think Johnny will do a good job. ICC President doesn’t need to be a cricket administrator so much as a skilled politician (liar etc). Not that I am saying “Honest John” is a notorious liar. But he knows when to tailor the truth.

  5. little johnny promises to be firm in deciding who gets to play on our pitches and the circumstances in which they play. he also has big plans to set up ‘first class’ net facilities on various islands a few hundred kilometres off the mainland coasts of all cricket nations. this is so others who wish to join the great cricketing tradition can have space to learn their new craft before being seamlessly integrated into the greater cricketing world.

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