Last Gasp

As the T20 World Cup Super Eight stage concluded today, the thrills continued.  As with Pool E, that concluded the previous day, all teams stood a chance of qualifying if they played well enough, and the result of the other match went their way.

In the end, the best two teams got through.  Australia slaughtered the West Indies to finish on top of the group.  Sri Lanka beat India with a final ball six.  Exciting stuff.  Note that even if India had have taken a wicket with that last ball – and won the game – they were still out.  Sri Lanka would have qualified on run rate.

In Pool E, the defending champs snuck through with their first and only win of the Super Eights.  As England beat New Zealand, that left Pakistan, South Africa and New Zealand all on two points and Pakistan got through on run rate.

So, the semi finals are England v Sri Lanka and Australia v Pakistan.  Substitute Sri Lanka for India and it reminds me of the 1987 World Cup.  I feel a bit teary.  I’ll tip the final will be Sri Lanka versus Australia.  The reason being that due to an oddity with seedings in this tournament, Pool E was made up of all the second placed teams from the first round, while Pool F was the round one winners.  Also note that England, while impressive in Pool E, did qualify for the Super Eights without winning at match!  Twenty 20 is a lottery.

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