Mumbai Rains on Cockley’s party

The final match, the dead rubber of the seven match series between Australia and India has been washed out.  Not a ball was balled and there was no toss.  Who cares you might ask?  I could name three: Burt Cockley (whoever he is), Jon Holland and Andrew McDonald.  Their one day debut hopes were all drowned.

India was a denied the chance of a consolation win against an understrength understrength (no spellcheck – the duplicate word is intentional) Australian team.  The reason that opportunity presented itself simultaneously for some many young Australian cricketers is that the last of the first stringers were allowed to bundy off early.  That’s right – Watson (man of the series) and Johnson flew home on Tuesday.

In fact, I’m not sure of Holland’s fate.  The last I heard was that it would depend if Hauritz felt like playing or not.  My how times have changed.

For those of you who rely on dongles for the occasional bit of actual cricket information, here is some.  The Sheffield Shield has kicked off.  SA just drew with the Bulls.  In fact, some of the teams have already played three matches.  The Windies have arrived in Australia and South Africa are belting Zimbabwe.

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