Pup, the Anointed One, Arise

Ponting did what I never thought he would do.  For a start, he made a century against India last Thursday.  Secondly, today he gave up the captaincy of Australia at all levels.

I have been putting the boot into Ricky recently but credit where credit is due.  He said he wasn’t pushed so I’ll believe him.  He said it was time for a change and that is true.  It must have been a bitter pill to swallow for Ponting but swallow it, he did.  Only time will see if he has a Tendulkar like renaissance that he obviously hopes for.

And now for some World Cup trivia:  When was the last time New Zealand did better than Australia in a World Cup?  (It has happened.  Tip: They made the semis on that occasion, too).

This World Cup is the first time that there have been three teams from the sub continent in the semis.

There is a remote chance that we will have a first time winner.  An unlikely chance that will most likely be extinguished by the time most of you read this.

If New Zealand don’t win, somebody is going to be the third team to win multiple World Cups.

I was away on the week end so I didn’t have the chance to God Bless New Zealand. Whatever happens now, win to lose to SL, they have exceeded expectations and done the cricket world a great service.

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