Randiv No Balls Scandal

I noticed in the recent match between Sri Lanka and India that India won easily and Sehwag was stranded on 99.  Oh well, it happens.  What I didn’t notice was that a scandal concerning this event has transpired.

This what happened: The scores were locked with Randiv bowling to Sehwag who was on 99.  Sehwag hit it for six.  India wins, Sehwag 105 not out.  Right?  Wrong.  Randiv had been called for a no ball, so the match was over the instant the umpire made the call.  But it gets better.  Randiv admitted to deliberately bowling the no ball to deny Sehwag his hundred.

Dear oh dear.  Sanga is sorry.  Randiv is sorry.  Sehwag is sorry but forgives.  You can read it all on Twitter.  Rolly Polly Ranatunga (the world’s best sport ever) is all indignant about the slur this could bring on Sri Lanka’s good name.  All I can say is that I’m glad no Anglo-Saxons were involved.

Postscript:  Just so that you are aware, a cricket match is over as soon as the target is achieved.  If a boundary is hit, the full compliment of runs is generally credited to the total and batsman.  However, for example, if one run is required and the batsman hits the ball to the boundary, it will not stand if the batsmen run and complete a single before the ball reaches the boundary.

One thought on “Randiv No Balls Scandal

  1. Thank you. I never knew the match would be over if they completed a single run. I bet a lot of players don’t know that either. Something to think about if you’re on 96 with a run to win for sure….

    Randiv makes us all feel better about ourselves I guess…

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