Rhinos Never Forget

I know that it is really elephants that never forget (I even know where that stems from) and that rhinoceros are more known for terrible eyesight.  I just want to point out that Ryan Harris obviously has not forgotten how to bowl and that it is Australian cricket, in fact, that should not forget about Rhino.

Last night, Ryan Harris powered Queensland to victory over Victoria in the One Day cup final (sorry Ryobi, no free advertising from dongles).  In a match shortened to 32 overs, Queensland scraped together just 9/146.  Victoria had scrambled to within 5 runs of the target with two overs remaining, and two wickets in hand.

Re-enter Harris.  After conceding singles off the first two balls, he dismissed McKay with a scorcher of a delivery and Ahmed for a golden duck and the match belonged to the Bulls.  Bully for Rhino who finished with 4/26.

Let me remind everyone what a good strike bowler Harris has been in his short test career.  He has played just 12 Tests over a two year period in which he has taken 47 wickets at 23.63 with the excellent strike rate of 49.19.  Keep in mind that seven of those Tests were played away from Australia, with almost half in Sri Lanka and the West Indies and that adds credibility. 

He looks strong as a Malley Bull but in Rhino’s case, looks belie the truth.  He has broken down an incredible number of times.  In fact, Harris has played in six Test series, against six different nations but didn’t play in all matches of any of those series.  He is hard pushed to put together two matches in a row.  His trifecta during the ill-fated Ashes homes series must be seen as somewhat of a modern day miracle.

But he is just 30 years old and he is back.  Given that the rotation policy is not helping (Bird went home from India without even playing a Test) and that more bowlers are needed for that said policy, I would like to see Ryan Harris on the plane to England, come June 2013.

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