Righteous, Mon

Dear Chris, I take it all back.  You are made of sterner stuff than many, including myself, gave you credit for.  You are a rock.  A pillar of West Indian batting.  A study of concentration and self restraint.  I hope that constitutes an acceptable apology.

Congratulations to Chris Gayle on a fantastic personal effort and to the West Indies on a spirited team effort.  With the Windies fighting back and Pakistan squaring their “home” series in New Zealand, perhaps things aren’t looking quite so glum for the summer down under.

Gayle carried the bat on day five having batted for part of day three, all of day four and part of day five.  This is the first time that Gayle has carried the bat in Tests.   In fact, it is a rare achievement, this being only the 44th occurrence in all Tests.  The innings was a captain’s knock of the first order with Gayle scoring over half the second innings total.  It’s hard to estimate how competitive the West Indies really are when that is taken into consideration.

Still, with two Tests gone, the West Indies have had three centurions and Australians, not a single one.   Bad luck for Watto – it was a great effort to make 96 and you might ask yourself is there really that much difference to the state of game between 96 or 104 or even exactly 100, but apparently there is.

I’ve been away for a few days so I missed acknowledging the great Sehwag’s effort (293 from just 254 balls).  Just as well he missed out on the 300 or I would have need to drive into town and go to an internet cafe.  I think I also heard that congratulations are in order as India is now officially the number one Test nation.  For now.

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