The Long and Short of it

Overnight, England polished off Pakistan by a whopping 354 runs, demonstrating that they are clearly a better team than Australia.  Pakistan’s brittle batting was the difference as they managed just 182 and then 80 in the final innings, which ended on the fourth morning of the match.  Anderson, with 6/17 took 11 wickets in the match – his first ten wicket haul in a Test.

On the other side of the coin, the England batting was not that flash.  Apart from a 200 run partnership in the first innings and a hard hitting ton in the second from Prior, they had not much to get excited about.  Still, it was more than enough.

On the other side of the other coin, we had that cure for insomnia at Colombo SSC.  We are just about to start the third Test and I can’t say I’m hoping for more of the same.  Sure, it’s lovely to see legends like Tendulkar and Sangakkara filling their boots but 1300 runs and just 13 wickets in four days.  Yawn.  The Little Master scored his 48th century and made it a double (his fifth) for good measure.

One point of interest, perhaps, is that win, lose or draw, Sri Lanka will jump over Australia to third position on the Test rankings.  It’s just a question of by how much.  And if England can beat Pakistan 4-0, Australia will plummet to 5th.  And that is even before Australia faces India, in India in October.  If you want to do some predicting for yourself, here is the link:

Here’s hoping something interesting will soon happen in the world of Test cricket.

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