The Rise and Rise of Cummins

Pat Cummins continued his meteoric rise and has been named in the Australian Test squad for South Africa.  Congratulations to him.  Regular readers will know that I’m a big fan and have known of him for years, and indeed he was in my daughter’s class through high school.  So, I’m glad for any success that comes his way.  It seems that he has been destined to play for Australia for many years.  Why on earth I did not get him to sign my program at the valedictory dinner (before he was even selected for NSW), I cannot figure.

I am a little concerned that Australian cricket does not rush him or over burden him with expectation.  He is just 18.  Incredibly, he holds a Cricket Australia contract even though he has played just three first class matches.  He really is a super star in the making but even so, the media interest is incredible.

Pat Cummins seems to be in the Cricinfo headlines every other day.  He is on the back page of the SMH today.  Google “Patrick Cummins” and you will rewarded with almost 7.5 million results!   Granted, that there will be a few Facebook pages of other “Pat Cummins” but you get the idea.   He even has a Wiki page with two paragraphs. 

I only hope it is not a case of too much too soon.  From what I can gather, Cummins is am unaffected, humble, teachable, good-natured kid who happens to be a fantastic athlete with extraordinary bowling talent.  I hope it stays that way and they over time, he is managed carefully and realises is potential.

I have to wonder (actually I have to admit that this is my cynical 17 year old daughter’s insight) if his rush to the forefront is a move by outgoing chief selector, Andrew Hilditch to say, “I’m the one who discovered Patrick Cummins.”  At least he can then say that he has done something useful.  At any rate, Pat will probably have to wait his time to play Tests.  He replaces Pattinson who didn’t actually play a Test in the recent tour of Sri Lanka.  But I think we may see Pat in the One Dayers.

2 thoughts on “The Rise and Rise of Cummins

  1. andrewg, surely you jest. I admit that since Gilly left, it is hard to find saints but what better roll model could Pat want than Pup? Sure, he drives a Ferrari. Sure, he had a fling with a super model. But he is a gentleman. Look at the nice things he has been saying about his deposed leader.

  2. an unaffected, humble, teachable, good-natured kid?

    bah! he’ll never make it in the australian cricket team! absolutely nothing in common with his teammates at all…. 😉

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