The Two Most Important Jobs in Australia

I’ve heard it said that the most important job in Australia is Prime Minister (obviously) and followed by the captain of the national cricket team (Test team, of course).  It is ironic then that the organisations that those two leaders represent are in equally shambolic states.  With performance in the outhouse, the spills have been their most spectacular aspects.

Just two days ago, Australia’s coach (thankfully not the captain) was stunningly pole axed.  Tonight, the Australian Prime Minister was toppled although that was not altogether surprising.  But this is not a political blog so that is the last mention of that, except to say that at least Australia has a cricket loving Prime Minister once again.

Back to cricket.  I noticed today that Cricket Australia CEO, James Sutherland has the full support of the CA board.  I guess that he, too, will be shafted shortly. I would also like to know why when Mickey Arthur was sacked, that Pat Howard was the one announcing it, rather than suffering a similar fate.  Surely the high performance manager could be singled out as the worst under achiever of the lot.

Australia started its Ashes campaign today playing Somerset at Taunton.  Interestingly, the Aussies have fielded three opening batsmen (if you count Watson) and five bowlers.  Also interesting, is that Chris Rogers is not playing.  Either Rogers is not in contention for the 1st Test, which I find hard to believe or he is in sparkling form and his place is already assured, which I also find hard to believe.  It is true that Rogers is in good form (in eight County matches this season he has scored 790 runs at 65.83) but it should be remembered that he is not an incumbent team member, has played just one Test and that was years ago.

There is another match before the first Test.  Perhaps we will see him in that.  One thing is sure and that is we won’t be seeing Warner.  Or Mickey Arthur.  Or Julia Gillard.

2 thoughts on “The Two Most Important Jobs in Australia

    • What a difference to have such and up front coach! I really didn’t know what to make of Rogers not playing at Taunton. There are just 7 batsmen in the squad and I think the only batmen assured of their spots are Watson and Clarke. And before Arthur got it in the neck, I would have said only Clarke. It is quite interesting.

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