Too Much of an Ordinary Thing

Mercy!  I beg for mercy.  Seven whole games of One Day cricket?  A learned gentlemen recently remarked to me that One Day cricket needs a “surrender clause” and I think I agree.

Australia has taken a 5-0 lead in the One Day series and I couldn’t care less.  Who does?  I care even less about the remaining two matches.  As an Australian, I would rather Australia win than lose but let’s face it, the Ashes are lost and nothing could make up for that.  And let’s face it, England has won the Ashes and they don’t seem to care about the one day cricket either.

I have not watched a great deal of the series and don’t get me wrong – there has been some good cricket  – Ponting’s knock today was excellent – Lee’s bowling in match four was exciting.  However, I noticed from the first match that the commentators were talking about what could be done to improve 50 over cricket.  One genius suggested changing the matches to 40 overs per innings.  Oh please.  How about changing them to 20 overs?

Before I get onto what can be done with the game itself, I’d like to make the point that no matter the format of the game, scheduling still needs to be intelligent.  Having a seven game, head-to-head series AFTER the Ashes doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.  This is even more true when you consider that the Australian footy seasons have reached finals fever and the English Premier League is now into full swing.

Surely with the series at 5-0, England can invoke the surrender clause.  By the way the surrender clause can also be invoked during a match once the match is dead.  That would have been perfect for games three and four when Australia needed a significant amount of runs but they were doing it easily, needing less than four runs per over, with heaps of wickets in hand.  Who wants to see 30 overs of singles?  As this is not a “round robin” tournament with points being allocated, bonus points do not even help this situation.

I don’t know what can be done to help 50 over cricket.  Playing less of it would seem to be a start.  Tendulkar says that they should be broken into 25 over stages (the team’s second 25 overs resumes from where the first ended).  Andrew the boy genius from indoor cricket says that indoor cricket rules would be the ticket.

Please let me know your thoughts.  What can be done to improve 50 over cricket?

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